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      Everybody and their mother are talkin' bout these pretzels. Check out the what the buzz is all about!


      "Plain and simple, there isn’t a soft pretzel in LA that comes close to a Shappy Pretzel. Whether you grew up eating soft pretzels every day or you’ve never had one in your life, it doesn’t matter. What Shappy provides is universal - that brief moment after biting into one where everything that’s awful fades away, and nostalgic bliss takes over. And lucky for us, there’s three to a bag.

      After one bite of a Shappy Pretzel, you’ll realize quickly how many sh*tty soft pretzels you’ve eaten in your life. Chewy yet crisp, moist, but never soggy - this is the kind of pretzel you take one bite of while stopped at a traffic light, and immediately have to pull over. Mostly so you can finish it, but also because you need to text everyone you know from Philly."


      "The 'Never Have I Ever' star has sold up to 900 pretzels a day and has fans including Bradley Cooper, Jon Hamm, Henry Winkler and Lee Daniels.
      Don’t get it twisted: There are many starting points to the story of how actor Adam Shapiro found himself to be a professional soft pretzel maker and the face of the newly-launched Shappy Pretzel Co."


      "And his star will surely keep rising this fall as he stars in a Showtime series alongside Ethan Hawke called The Good Lord Bird about the story of the abolitionist John Brown and his men. He’s also in a David Fincher film called Mank, which will be out on Netflix soon, and is filming season two of another Netflix show, Never Have I Ever, co-created by Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher.

      As for weaving Philly into his work, there’s no question of his hometown’s impact. “I don’t know if I can actually separate Philly from my work. It’s so ingrained. It’s in me, inside every character, every idea. And if I’m in a Sunday matinee, you can be sure I’m backstage, phone in my hand watching the Birds.” In fact, his pandemic side gig was starting a little passion business called Shappy Pretzel Co., which acts as a culinary homage to his fave Philly snack. “It’s been insane. You should see my kitchen. I’ve seen and met so many Philadelphians picking up pretzels that my accent has made a full return.”


      "Hark, all ye soft pretzel fans rejoice — you have a new church.

      Actor Adam Shapiro got bored during quarantine and started baking, which is something that most likely resonates with all of us.

      However, his pandemic hobby turned into something unexpected — the ultimate place to get a Philly-style soft pretzel right here in Los Angeles."

      Live with Kelly and Ryan

      How it all began...


      KTLA joined Adam and Katie in the home kitchen...

      MEDIUM: How To Make Pandemic Lemons Into…Pretzel Day!

      "Years later, Adam/Shappy has integrated into one talented, joyful husband and father who’s able to twist one thousand pretzels in a single day, greeting friends, family and Instagram followers with a taste of Philly and a soft and salty distraction from the anxieties of our time." - Lauren Lovett


      Ryan Seacrest


      "10/10 Would recommend!"

      Kristen Bell


      "Guys, @ShappyPretzel is one of the best things i have ever eaten."

      Tyra Banks


      "When I bit into this @shappypretzel pretzel, I had to hold onto the wall... it was SO dang good. 🥨⁠"

      Busy Philipps


      "This is the best thing i've ever eaten in my life, this is amazing..."

      Olivia Munn


      "It's without a doubt the best pretzel i've ever had in my life."

      Katharine McPhee Foster


      "What the actual F. These are out of this world"

      Kerry Washington


      "There's a word, you'll probably not hear it often… Scrumptious." - Earl Washington

      Lori Greiner


      "OMG. I'm going in. Thank you Shappy's for coming to the West Coast, these are so good!"

      Henry Winkler


      "Genuine Philadelphia pretzels!"

      Station 19


      #BestPretzelEver - Jay Hayden. Station 19

      Lil' Dicky


      “I’m not a pretzel guy but these are really good.”

      Nicolette Robinson


      "they are just as good as they look!"

      Mike Epps


      "oh man...these are really good."


      ‭(818) 371-3545‬